[OEM] HALAL Certified Japanese Teas

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HALAL Certified

Tasty & Healthy Japanese Teas

All Produced at HACCP/ISO22000 Approved Factory


We have various Halal Certified Japanese teas

just like the following:


- Sencha (Tea Bags)

- Houjicha (Tea Bags)

- Genamicha (Tea Bags)

- Powdered Genmaicha

- Ujicha (Tea Bags)

- Tencha (Tea Bags)

- Sencha with Matcha Powder (Tea Bags)

- Genmaicha with Matcha Powder (Tea Bags)

- Yuzu Matcha Powder (Easy Stick-Type Sachets)

- Ginger Matcha Powder (Easy Stick-Type Sachets)

- Yuzu Green Tea Powder (Easy Stick-Type Sachets)


Private labeling is available!

Ask for samples as well!


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if you are interested.  :)