[OEM] Organic Japanese Genuine Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

100% Organic, it’s the proof of being safe

Having powdered tea is the same thing as eating the whole tea leaves as they are.

Therefore, being organic is necessary.

Our green tea leaves are grown in a foggy mountainside in Uji-tawaraTown, Kyoto.

And our green tea is certified as an organic agricultural product.

Our manufacturer has been working on organic farming for more than 30 years, and they have always taken good care to make the tea better and higher in quality.



The Great Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea


Matcha green tea has a lot of health benefits!


It has the relaxing effects.

It relaxes your brain, and improves your memory.

It relieves your PMS.



They make you resistant to stress.

They help produce your beautiful skin.

They prevent colds.



It gives relief from fatigue, and makes you more energetic.



It helps burn you fat.

It has anti-bacterial action. It prevents viral infections like the flu, or food-poisoning etc.

It lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Catechin’s antioxidant effect protect us against cancers.



Flovonoid prevents bad breath.

Dietary Fibers improve the intestinal movement.




The Colors of Our Matcha Green Tea Powder

The color of matcha tea powder is the most important factor to determine its grade.

The greener the color is, the higher the quality is.




Packaging Examples

We have tin various types of tin cans, and bags.

PLease contact us and talk to us about what you want.




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