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Don't tell me you don't know sesame tofu, a delicious and healthy vegan food!

I've been thinking a lot lately, how come everyone eats tofu made from soybeans, but not many people know about sesame tofu?
Sesame tofu is made from nothing but sesame seeds and kudzu (and a little bit of processed starch to form the shape)!

It's a super dooper vegan food! I want more people around the world to know about it!

Its texture is smoother than soybean curd and more like mochi!

It is usually eaten with soy sauce with wasabi or vinegared miso paste, but it is also delicious with other arrangements such as adding soup stock or pouring sugar or black honey over it like a dessert.



In fact, the flavor is not too strong, so it can be turned into a sweet treat simply by adding sweet toppings such as soybean flour or red bean paste!





"Sesame Tofu" is said to have originated as one of the vegetarian dishes eaten during the rigorous ascetic training at Koyasan (Mt. Koya), where Kobo Daishi (Kukai) founded about 1,200 years ago.

Later, "sesame tofu" was developed as an efficient way to consume sesame nutrients. The sesame seeds are not roasted, but rather the skin is removed from the raw sesame seeds, which are then combined with Koyasan water and Yoshino kuzu, kneaded in a mortar, and cooked.




Although sesame tofu is called tofu, it does not contain any soybeans.

It is basically just sesame seeds, kudzu and water.

Sesame is so nutritious that it is called "eating medicine". One of the nutrients in sesame that has recently been attracting attention is "gomarignan," which includes sesamin, a component that exists only in sesame. Gomarignan is an antioxidant that inhibits the generation of active oxygen, which causes many diseases including lifestyle-related diseases. While many antioxidants are water soluble and cannot reach the liver, gomarignan is one of the few nutrients that can reach the liver and generate antioxidant effects.


Also, kuzu or kudzu has a variety of health benefits.



There are numerous flavonoids that are effective in assisting the endocrine system, dilating blood vessels, and stabilizing nerves; more than 10 types of saponins that are good for improving liver function, stabilizing blood pressure, and preventing arteriosclerosis; allantoin, which strengthens skin mucosa; beta-sitosterol, which helps regulate cholesterol; and many other health ingredients that make it a super food. Kuzu is packed with a wide variety of health ingredients.
In addition, katakuriko is generally used to thicken food, but in macrobiotics, kuzu flour is the main ingredient. This is because potato starch is a potato starch and is negative (cooling to the body), while kudzu starch is a legume root and is considered a material that promotes blood circulation. Therefore, kuzu is definitely recommended for those who are concerned about coldness.
"Kuzu" has been used as a food and herbal medicine in Japan since ancient times, and is a plant packed with various health ingredients that can be called a super food.


Try sesame tofu first, which is packed with nutrients and yet easy to eat!

The smooth and creamy texture will definitely get you hooked!


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