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Konjac dessert
Konjac is a very healthy food made from Konjac roots.
It has lots of dietary fiber, and has zero calories! It's a great food for those who are on a diet!

Can you imagine this strawberry-flavored dessert is made of konjac?
Here's the recipe.

Ingredients (4 servings)
400g yogurt
50g dried shirataki konjac noodles
10 - 12 strawberries
a few mint leaves
some condence milk
2 tsp of white wine

1. Place a colander in a bowl, and line the colander with kitchen paper. Dump yogurt into the colander. Place it in the refrigerator for about 6 hours or overnight.
2. Reconstitute the konjac noodles in hot water. Drain, and cut the noodles into bite size.
3. Wash the strawberries, remove the hulls, and chop them up. And toss in the mixer.
4. Put 1, 2, and 3 in a bowl. Add condense milk, and mix them all together.
5. Serve it in a cup, and garnish it with fresh mint leaves.

ヨーグルト 400g
ぷるんぷあん 2個(25g×2)
いちご 1パック
ミント 少量
練乳 大さじ1
キルシュ 大さじ2 *なければ白ワインでも

1 ボウルの上にザルをセットして、キッチンペーパーをしく。そこにヨーグルトを入れて、一晩水切りする(6時間くらい)。
2 ぷるんぷあんは熱湯(分量外)でもどし、ザルにあけ、食べやすい大きさに切っておく。キルシュをふりかけておく。
3 イチゴは洗って、へたをとり、細かく切って、ミキサーにかける。
4 ボウルに1、2、3を入れ、練乳を加えて、よく混ぜ合わせる。
5 器に盛りつけ、ミントの葉を飾る。

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Matcha Green Tea
Have you ever tried matcha green tea?
It's really tasty and creamy, and the best thing about matcha green tea is that it's very healthy! It has a lot of health benefits.
And there are lots of matcha-related sweets like matcha cakes, matcha ice cream, matcha chocolates...
What are your favorites?


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Have you ever had Sakura-mochi?
Sakuramochi (桜餅) is a very traditional Japanese sweet! The sweet pink-colored rice cake (mochi) with a red bean paste (anko) in the center are so tastiful, and it's wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom (sakura) leaf. You can eat the leaf as well. (It's a bit salty, and goes very well with the sweet mochi.)


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Lately, Japanese Matcha green tea has become so popular around the world.
Did you know that matcha is not only for drinking, but also for cooking and baking?
Found a great, easy recipe! Maybe you should try this!!


You can get matcha powder at JapanVillage.

Thank you, 'Just One Cookbook' for the great recipe!

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