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Our original product "Honkarebushi Low-sodium Chicken Curry" is being introduced to buyers at an exhibition in Hong Kong!

Thank you Saladplate for doing a wonderful promotion for us!

Our Promotion in Malaysia Begins!
Our products are ready to go to Malaysia!
May they sell a lot there!
Connecting online is great!
Although we have fewer opportunities to meet buyers face-to-face in this pandemic situation, we have been actively participating in online business meetings since the beginning of this year.
It's a great thing to be able to connect with people from all over the world without leaving the office!
If you want to have a business meeting with us, please send a message to the following email address: (Contact: Aki Komeda)
HOFEX Connect 2021
HOFEX Connect, the online version of the biggest food & beverage exhibition in Hong Kong, will be held from March 29 through March 31. And we will be joining the big event as a supplier!
We are planning to display our health-related foods such as gluten-free foods, fermented foods, organic foods, and more!
We hope more and more people in the southeast Asia will enjoy good foods from Japan❤
The world is still connected!
The world is still connected!🌏

Since February 2020, we've had to give up many opportunities to meet new business partners. 😢

But the greatest thing about human beings is that we never give up creating new ways to communicate with people. ✨

We have been participating in online business meetings very often these days!😆🎉🎉

Time for discussion is limited, but we try to get straight to the point sooner and more clearly than before.

At least you can see each other's face, so it's no difference from real face-to-face conversations, and you can talk to people overseas without taking time to fly to meet them!✈️

The PC monitor is literally like Doraemon's DOKODEMO DOOR !✨

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We've joined Saladplate!
This year, lots of exhibitions were canceled because of the pandemic.
If you are a business, and looking for a great BtoB platform to source new products, please try Saladplate, a Singaporean online wholesale marketplace.
We, JapanVillage(Earthink Corporation) has gained a great opportunity to newly join this online exhibition with the support of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization). Yay!
Visit us here. 🙂
We are going to add more and more items very soon!
We offer OEM services.
If you are a business, we'd like you to know that we offer OEM services for high quality Japanese foods and other items.

'Made-in-Japan' products are so popular as you already know, and we receive so many enquiries from businesses around the world every day.
Why don't you create wonderful quality products with your own label?

We currently offer OEM services for:
- ceremonial matcha green tea powder (organic/non-organic)
- culinary matcha green tea powder (organic/non-organic)
- konjac noodles (dry/wet)
- organic Japanese rice crackers
- konjac sponges (facial sponges)
- Binchotan charcoal urethane pumice stone

For more details, please visit:

If you are interested, please click the mail icon at the top right corner of the page to contact us.

We look forward to talking about your future products with you! :)

Contact: Aki Komeda(Ms.), Overseas Marketing