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Umeshu (plum liquor)

Picked plums in my backyard, and made plum liquor.
I need to be patient for a while until it's ready to drink in about 3 months.
Well, I don't think I can wait so long!!
First day at the office after remote work
Hi, everyone. Let us introduce our office today!
Oops, sorry...! It's so messy...

We were tele-working until last week, and today is the first day working at the offie for every staff member after we started remote work on April 6th.

The first thing we did this morning was to set up vinyl curtains to protect each other from infections.

It's just a precaution, but we need to do whatever we can do to make ourselves comfortable at work.

Well, we hope things will get back to normal soon!
Rainy season begins.

Rainy season is called "梅雨" (tsuyu) in Japanese, which literally means "Plum Rain".
The reason why we call it “Plum Rain” is because plums are just ripening in this time of the year.
Now is the best plum picking season, and homemade umeshu (plum liquor), or umeboshi (pickled plum) have always been very popular in Japan since long ago. 🙂

Have you ever tasted Japanese umeshu or umeboshi?😊
Well, I love them both!😋💕