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Here are some recipes for sesame tofu arrangements.

(1) Cut sesame tofu into bite-sized pieces, dust with flour, and coat generously with tempura batter.

(2) Quickly fry (1) in oil at 180-190℃.

(3) Serve in bowls and top with soy sauce, grated radish, grated ginger, etc.


Have you ever eaten sesame tofu?

It is glutinous, elastic, and has a nice aroma of sesame.

It is eaten with wasabi, soy sauce or sauce.
You can also eat it as a dessert with sweet black honey.
It is very tasty, so please try it.



Most Western-style fried chicken is made by dipping the chicken in egg or buttermilk and then dusting it with flour.

In Japan, on the other hand, fried chicken is marinated in a flavorful liquid such as soy sauce,
ginger juice, and sake.

Furthermore, potato starch is used instead of flour to give it a crispy texture!



Sushi vinegar is a combination of vinegar, sugar, and salt, and is mainly used to make sushi rice.
The most basic use is to mix it with rice to make sushi rice, but it can also be used for other vinegared dishes and salads.
The sweet and sour taste will stimulate your appetite!