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Nukazuke Pickles, the Super Food!

Nukazuke: Japanese Rice Bran Pickles

Have you ever heard of Nukazuke pickles?

The Nukazuke in the photo is what our boss pickled in the kitchen at our office.

Nukazuke pickles are vegetables pickled in a nukadoko, a fermented rice bran bed, for more than one or two days. It’s comfortably salty-sour, and you can taste good umami flavor. The longer the vegetables are left in the nukadoko, the richer the flavor will be. Nukazuke is a fermented food, so it’s believed to contribute a lot to your better immune system. It’s literally a natural probiotic super food!

Nowadays it’s getting easier to find rice bran or even an easy nukazuke kit from Amazon or other online stores. Let’s start living a healthier life by eating Japanese nukazuke pickles!